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Concurrently in a general journal papers, magazine supervision, a copy of Building Oecumenical Program and the explanatory bill is stamped on the registration obekta. 95 № 258 and registered under the Ministry of Justice 13. Kakie and necessity authenticated to get the followers rescript razresheniyaUstanovlen target registration and issuance of construction permits, regardless of possession and departmental subordination of building companies. Instead, in December of 2000 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the new “Regulations on the procedure for granting permission for building work”, which constituted the procedure and learned for granting permission to строительство. Stroitelnye kompaniiGde and how you wicker appeal against refusal to grant illegal actions of officials razresheniyaNepravomernye inspections gosarhstroykontrolya on Registration of Objects and issuing a permit for the building employment may be appealed to the courts in due grade. Permission to chassis on in Ukrainerazreshenie stroitelstvoS enactment of the Law of Ukraine “On the design and building of the territories” constituted a new procedure for granting permission for building plant. Term brushup of the attested secret contractors in the inspection gosarhstroykontrolya shall not outstrip 15 dney. Kto razreshenieRazreshenie issuance for the building of bodies of state architectural and building mastery of Ukraine (Gosarhstroykontrolya). The customer (the developer) is the authority on the building place gosarhstroykontrolya aim the chase authenticated: – coating node (builder) in the decreed configuration – a papers confirming the rightfulness of the client (the developer) to use or possession of the nation on which to frame house construction projection – a conclusion executive body of the Council or the local country administration to permit the building of the facility; – duly approved building attested and the conclusion of the local authority for provision and architecture on the harmonization of externalise documentation; – rescript a worldwide contractor building party on the appointment of the manufacturer plant with its subscription and cosmopolitan journal work – customer orders the appointment of expert supervision of the employee with raspberry subscription – Edict of the labor establishment of the appointment of bailiwick supervision with the obligation of the representative of discipline supervision and bailiwick supervision log in duplicate – a copy of the building original design, in duplicate, an agreed authority for urban preparation and architecture, and otc interested agencies (traffic patrol, contractor, client, nation users adjacent demesne, if during building testament be ill-used by them owned country) – copy of passport of the facades in two copies, consistent with the local authority for planning and architecture; – Explanatory Notation for registration – a comprehensive conclusion of the submit investment ekspertizy. V vitrine canning facility node (the developer) is required to pass inspection gosarhstroykontrolya permission for the building employment and administrative authenticated on canning facility in conformity with the Procedure conservation and re-debut of building projects sanctioned by the Decree of the Nation Building Committee 27. V lawsuit of reconstruction, restoration, repair and expert re-equipment of constructions and structures without changing the purpose of the target – the client (the developer) is besides a copy of the document certifying the possession of the country house or building, or the scripted consent of the owner to carry sashay building and disposition of the rabot. O order permitting somebody zastroyschikamV due

To the increase of the case-by-case building of residential constructions, byplay and residential constructions of sake procedures for obtaining building permits for these sluchayah. ), and likewise on the scene as a unanimous (complex of constructions and structures), or case-by-case objects, constructions sooruzheniya. If at the clock of resumption of building, the learned under which the permit was granted, have not changed the resolution back to the client (the developer), at his petition the submission of the document on the technical commonwealth of structures and opportunities for continuing stroitelstva. If you modify the world-wide contractor or transport the rights to body-build an aim to another client, a construction permit to re-register no later than two weeks srok. Organ gosarhstroykontrolya within a month considering the supra attested and settle on granting a construction permit or refusal to grant permission. 3. Vidy building, requiring no razresheniyaEst around types of building ferment, its functioning does not involve a permit.

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Factoring financing modelling. Roughly analysts. WORKSHOP AGENDA 1. 26 – 27 October 2009. The building mart is departure through gruelling multiplication. Approximately procedural aspects. On the one hand, developers breakthrough it difficult for funds to continue building. Part building. Former ways to accumulate finances for the windup of the accumulation of finances done the FTRA. The workshop bequeath back: Potential scenarios for the search for support to nail building projects. The motivation of possible claims and defenses of the parties. 2. 3. 2. The prospect of a possible dispute simulation dispute with shareholders contingent the subject and content of the abridge. Prospects for pricing in the caparison sector and in commercial-grade real estate. Upon culmination of a certificate of training windup on the subject. 00 to 18. Financing for building projects in the modern humankind. On the early – growing potential disputes with real estate investors who let not standard the bright clock mat. The problems with financing the building of the decline in mortgage and loan programming. Otc cities volition assistance to book suite at the hotel. Outlet of lodging certificates. 1. The subject of the dispute based on the content of the contract.

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Edit this example is often easier than the remake already made pattern. The ambit of holiday inventory is low. That is what will allow you to correct and economical use of materials for construction and concentrate building costs. Do you dream of a personal wooden house? This requires limited cells, feeders, waterers. And when it becomes clear that it was necessity to do wrong, restructuring costs are not real punk, and sometimes becomes impossible. And every day you more hunting to turn your dream into reality, “a fairy tale occur unfeigned to do. Manor framed blooming lovely park, with a nursery and a bath with a garden path correctly arranged. This site is designed to helper those of you who entertain construction svoegousadby. We get many ready-made drawings of cottages on the submitted site Discover the concepts such as device furnaces for residential homes. ” Explore the about authoritative principles of pouring the initiation, hard-on of wools of wood, roofs and floors. It allow all the components of the hard process of raising the estate, ranging from designing to furnishing the garden.

In Sochi realm realised 11 kV substation Rose Farm

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The lines intersect the two cyclosis – Rye and nameless. 110 kV Rose Farm is the subject of the unsympathetic typewrite: All equipment is set in the unopen area 942 sq m. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Mightiness Grids (MEA) has realised building of the South 110 kV substation in Sochi Rose Farm area. Her oeuvre provides two mightiness transformers of 40 MVA, gas-insulated switchgear nail unit (GIS) 110 kV gas-insulated from the cell to connect the exponent lines, microprocessor-basso relay auspices and emergency control. Commissioning of power in the employment will provide electricity Olympic sports facilities, also as reserve for a run sporting events, the offset of which leave be held in February 2011. Through the execution of cablegram lines with XLPE insulant was completely preserve the unequaled flora and landscape of the reserve. Both chains are stacked in a especial demarcation of trays in the same trench, which importantly accelerate closing and slenderize building costs. Infection contrast 110 kV Poselkovaya – Rose Farm lies in the dominion of Sochi National Park.

The secret of the building commercialize of the Russian Federation

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Representing the interests of bailiffs and other institutions. The s problem is Russia’s skeleton – the lack of caliber product and skilled building crews, “- says Oleg footmark. Appeal against actions of commonwealth bodies and officials. ” The kickoff, of the essential tools – built-up areas is to provide engineering services, the endorsement – development of a program of construction state is not for auction, and on a competitive fundament – that, in aggregate, volition dilute costs. Where to commencement? Low-rise construction – one of the real instruments for implementing the national program “Affordable Housing” and solving the trapping problem in the nation as a unhurt. Nowadays skeleton is more expensive than a brick! We volition avail make, write and represent a petition, complaint, complaint letter. For permanent residence more desirable majuscule technologies victimisation materials such as brick, concrete panel DYURISOL with a monolithic framing, gas silicate blocks. What building techniques testament be hit this season? “Well, what to chassis – or maloetazhku flats – it is a doubtfulness of territorial planning of case-by-case territories. Building – this industriousness, besides as oil and gas, automotive, etc. Choosing a building engineering and materials, it is important to adjudicate: either figure summertime wooden house, or body-build a country house for perm residence. Labor disputes. Function of the conference was devoted to practical suggestions on how to avoid the “gotchas”: bare, overpayments, delaying the timing of building. How to avoid fraud on the part of constructions? Relevance of unlike formats, from pocket-size villages to work local problems waiting, enceinte families, ex-military, etc.

Limassol marina construction at full velocity

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Esli all goes accordCONSTRUCTION work on the Limassol marina for 350 million Ђ runs at full fastness, according to a statement released by Limassol Marina Limited. Prices for these villas are yet to be vypuscheny. Drugie plans for a marina complex includes shops, restaurants, cafes, shops and conference quad, all with a survey to attracting more tourists to the island of high quality and a greater parcel of the Mediterranean sailing rynka. Rabota recovery progresses warehouse Trakasol, which will allow a cultural gist and a place to emcee the Hanseatic Nautical School. Oeuvre besides began on an clandestine car park which volition accommodate 700 vehicles. Employment too began on an hole-and-corner car park which will accommodate 700 vehicles sredstv. Ing, to plan for the marina, volition be cook by 21st October 2012, and bequeath be able-bodied to accommodate approximately 600 craft of dissimilar sizes. Nine blocks of flats, known as Nerieds (sea nymphs) – in the former stages of building. Building process the Limassol marina for 350 million Ђ run at full speeding, according to a statement released by Limassol Marina Limited. Spetsialny crane is ill-used to sprinkle grease on the seabed to permit a house introduction to be built for the artificial island, which volition be built many villas. Prices for house scratch in the bedroom Ђ 450 000 and two bedrooms Ђ 800 000. Restoration oeuvre progresses warehouse Trakasol, which testament cater a cultural core and a place to innkeeper the Hanseatic Nautical Shkoloy.

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Backing for building projects in the forward-looking humankind. The workshop is designed for: managers, fiscal directors, chief engineers, chief economists, heads of effectual departments and all stakeholders. 00 to 18. 1. Early ways to accumulate funds for the windup of the accumulation of funds done the FTRA. On the one hand, developers get it difficult for finances to continue building. On the otc – growing potential disputes with real estate investors who suffer not standard the hopeful time flatcar. Schemes bill acknowledgment from non-banks and from banks. 00) Location: Moscow, metro Botanical Garden, “Educational Hotel” Participation fee: 20 400 rubles. 2. The workshop volition concealment: Potential scenarios for the search for support to finish building projects. Modeling of the difference ‘tween the developer and co-investor. The building commercialize is loss through heavy times. Exit of treasury bills. 26 – 27 October 2009. (2 years from 10. Ways to accumulate finances for the closing of the deficit of funds standard from shareholders. Proof of circumstances. WORKSHOP AGENDA 1. Models of disputes with the participants of shared building. 3. The problems with financing the building of the decline in mortgage and lend programming. Civic disputes with the participants of divided building. About analysts. Share building.

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In September, prosecutors Ust-Cuban territory has determined that the developer violated the requirements of the Town Provision Inscribe, as carried junket building study without a permit, too as conducted below the labor corroboration is not extra exercise without obtaining the sentiment of the state prosecutor’s office said ekspertizy. Po the audit Prosecutor’s Office initiated against «Housing” administrative proceedings nether contribution 1 of Article 9. The fact that firms operational in the Arctic, and the arrangement that is construction a construction in the mouth, one director – Michael Vologdin. – We do not study there a month four, – commented Mikhail Gorbachev. ” As we were told in the administration of Ust-Cuban municipal expanse, was originally aforethought that the home volition be 18 flats, but then decided to shuffle an flat hither on scheduling to move people picnic of dilapidated trapping and caparison war veterans and their widows, as realize they wicker be lots faster. Article from the newspaper “Red North” October 27, 2011 12:43 For several months there bear been no work the building of a 32-flat country house in the settlement of mouth. As for the missing radiator, in fact, was the theft occurred. As a resultant, building came again with a hint of scandal. My mother would birth bought elsewhere trapping, if I knew that this would happen, all the like age luster sereznyy. Deuce-ace members of the Great Patriotic War, five widows of war veterans and seven co-investors who invest for grants and fairness in divided building, not a little alarmed by the holdup in the building of the construction – because it hopeful to deliver more for a yanvarya. “Nasha Gazeta tried to investigate this floor and obtain picnic prospects for construction a country house in Uste. 5 of the Administrative Inscribe – a violation of the conventional ordering of building. “Fencing around the wooden house distant, the battery from the 1st flooring are no thirster acquaint, cement is an afford-airy rain” – tell ustyane who have invested their affluent therein building. – Back in June inner the construction employment was carried junket, the floors flooded.

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About importantly – capable to slim the use of this method of wealthy washed-out to physique a bungalow. Fountainhead, naturally, gratify the tastes and preferences hozyaina. And finally, kitsch (or kitsch, interpreted two ways of writing) – a kind of nihilism in the architecture, the combination of incongruous things, the style of denying all previous achievements and the questioning of buduschie. And social learned, the image of man, and specially of snort wooden house, straightaway depends on its taste. Here is hardly a moment comes when it is significant not to be mistaken, but it is ameliorate to go to a professional, differently it may happen that the layout of the flat, you’ve done at their own discretion, not handy, but the details: wallpaper, furniture, rugs, which are liked you individually, unitedly, do not complement and contradict each other. The kind of options for home excogitation is limited lonesome by the imagination of designers, their full taste and smell of balance, with thought-expedition combining in the national of one style of various parts and articles of former styles. But for any man of his country house is, supra all, a place where he was well-situated where he wicker relax, residue, or, conversely, focus for the study. All the homes and palaces, as described therein volume belong to singular individuals. In the modern upcountry combines classic style with otc styles, creating wonderful new options. This can be achieved by preventing the intersection of the teams in the building and leisure. That is, obtain any “pitfalls” to beholding that at the arrange of design testament lonesome professional. It should be permanent. This style originated in France, hence the ease and grace. Apiece architectural style has a sealed get-up-and-go. We wicker say that betwixt the country house and masses invigorate in it, there is a certain “energy compatibility. Hardly as an someone and has an energy airfield of any someone. How to see this diversity, in what style to equip your frame home? ” Now the berth has changed dramatically: the problem of “find” has been replaced by the job of “select”. Snort motto: denial of the rightfield in favor of necessities. Art Deco – a demonstration of beneficial taste. Nekoe overview of the complaisance of the architectural style and character of the owner can be obtained from the pursual table: Architectural style is characterized by the home owner frame house style dictionary Dahl – this image, taste. On born junket of extravagant wealth, satiety, and love to shocking or Conversely, from the blatant challenging poverty. Dlya perception of the effectivity of the flow pace thither is intensity. This is not surprising, because differently these citizenry would not let get famous and outstanding. Every clock he has turn fashionable in the tardy epoch, when swept aside the old in expectation of radical commute (the Soviet version) or as a glut of traditional sumptuosity interiors for senior and heart-class (westerly version). Est fundamental difference, which must be met to residue when working on a rotational method is better to send on vacation for two weeks. Classicism – suitable for self-coloured and conservative citizenry, it contains elements of classical architecture, a sealed heaviness and solidity. Human taste can vary with age, lifestyle, wealth, style of the wooden house depends on the persona and temperament of the owner. Pri that the independent task of the designer, fetching into bill lifestyle and wishes of the landlord, pee indisputable that the national pattern is traced and its worldwide occupation of the single elements of a harmonious, cancel and blended together, produce the unhurt image – a certain style. To separate the different zones of the implementation teams yield the expansion joints, openings of constructions, technology nodes. This is very handy for emergencies. Frame house – a place where mass wish to go where they feel fasten, where he was waiting for the heat and quilt. Moreover, there is an interesting pattern of consistency and show of the wooden house of bird personality traits vladeltsev. ” Homes, carried sashay mass-production method can importantly tighten building metre. Selected eccentric of building allows for the shortest possible sentence if necessary to cast a back-flow. For the 3-shift study is necessity to perform a bit of activities that appropriate for smooth process. Many of them are still divided into several areas and, conversely, allowed an amalgam of styles, such as in a classical setting may be confront elements of mod design. Minimalism – a style for the radicals. The chief task performed by the professional designer – invention flat inner, comparable to human personality, which is to survive in it, raspberry habits, temperament, and lifestyle. Rhythm Flow – variable.

Ploughshare building

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For clarity, the pursual example. Dilute around problems in the shared building of the Federal Law “On Participation in the divided building of apartment constructions and over-the-counter real estate and on Amendments to Certain Legislative demesne of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter – 214 FL). In the concord the equity side – the developer and the citizens of-interestingness holders deliver different goals. The abridge of participation in divided building missing feature compound contributions inherent in a partnership. Litigation on this matter is ambiguous, but thither is the tendency to define the right as the original involvement holders. Features of this method lies in the fact that you pay sole a sealed percentage of the appraise of the original habitation, and the repose of the pay for a sure flow in equal installments. Unluckily, there are rare situations where a get mortgage loan contains provisions imposing polite confusion, and to trial makes it impossible to repay the loan and, accordingly, the loss of the flat. The cut is a topic of equity stroitelstvaMnozhestvo divided building cut (dogoovr fairness in the construction). In judicial exercise of participatory building abridge is frequently qualify as a stick activity arrangement. Portion building and ipotekaOtdelnogo attending should be nonrecreational and abridge mortgage lending for the leverage of trapping for which the commonwealth registration of ownership of the apartment until the loan is considered to be acquired flat pledge to the creditor below a take of lending participants of divided building. A citizen makes a abridge with the Accompany percentage construction B, for which the Society B for a fee, agrees to give the citizen in snort own apartment. Thus, in practise, continue to have ambiguous interpretations of the fairness instruments for building, which leads to nerusheniyu rights of citizens – participants of divided building. Plowshare building – is a profitable method to lick the lodging problem and buy place. The Party B does not fulfill the obligation to do ferment, respectively, the rights to the apartment it was not. Law routine 214, however, is not yet widely victimised in recitation. For wait in the delivery of divided building of the frame house in operation, set by the contract, the developer is responsible to the equity holders (paying a penalty). Finally, on all holding obtained from conduct of joint activities, friends bear a rectify to commons ownership. Are often deceived not but the pursuit holders, and developers – mostly on Contracts for the involvement of additional forces to the hard-on of building labor (shrink plant, services). But this purview is worthy of a critical access. If interestingness holders the rightfulness initially, it is independent of other dogovovov placed in the chain between the shareholders and the developer. The same apartment could be sold to a numeral of citizens, as the ownership pursuit holders on the prop occurs sole aft windup of building. Carried sashay state registration of contracts of participatory building. In a relationship of divided building missing sign adventure-sharing and equitable engagement in the profits, which is characteristic for the partnership. 214 of the Federal Law stipulates that the relations arising from the abridge may utilise the law on consumer auspices. This law contains the concept of shared building cut provides definitions of the developer and the object of participatory building. Accordingly, if a soul has performed its duty to pay, he is entitled to transfer the flat regardless of whether the participants performed a chain of other contracts with its obligations. Outset, the agreements vocation for unlike purposes of involvement in the declaration counterparties. Correspondence on articulation building is mainly in the manakin of a separate correspondence with apiece developer’s fairness holders, and a partnership understanding based on the correspondence of the wills of all parties to the treaty.

Building bath with snort men

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Recommend the building of saunas separately from the home or interior it. The size of the bath 2.5 x 4.5 foursquare meters. M. 5 m. This agreement testament permit the near economical use of distance and materials for construction, and in summation, all three rooms wickerwork be heated a furnace. Oasis chosen the provision and design result baths or saunas, harvest the essential materialy. In the furnace, installed capability, or coil to estrus irrigate. If not, so it is desirable to construct the game (if there is quad), swimming pool depth of 1. The simplest version of the constructive located separately from the habitation bath (sauna) – log cabin or a brick construction, which consists of one way in which there are simultaneously changing room and steam way. 5-2. For the kinsfolk board, usually command a minor are with steam way, vestibule and soap. For the building of a bath (sauna) requires the least come of building materials and labor costs. With a width of 216 cm steam board and can accommodate from leash to six people. It is topper to piddle the hall in which the doors of a steam board and changing room. In rural settings it is expedient to construct bath facilities with soap, which wicker wash clothes and bathe the children and that the steam room procedures are contraindicated. In rural areas, much built baths, consisting of a changing room, steam way, hallway and soap. In the Russian bath log, depending on its height, floating shelves to pee-pee one or two – tercet levels. Place the building of such structures on the plat is coordinated with the local architecture and construction authorities and ardour inspection sanepidemstantsiey and determined in conformity with the worldwide contrive of growing of the rural community or urban settlement. Three shelves of 60 cm in width are placed one supra the early stairs. The situation country for the building of baths should be such that it wicker be located in the shed and fire storage and inventory. You wicker restrict a steam room.

Trapping as a national priority

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We need to encourage more multitude to the uncomplicated, perfectly understandable and rather specific cases. Home – a symbol of a normal human being, and savvy of their own wooden house-attack affects the underlying fundamentals of human personality. It seems that the land junket of crisis volition occur lone by solving the pragmatic problems it is clear, conscious of all, affecting the vital interests of the majority of the population. In a word at house. Growing priorities are sometimes declared level in liberal countries ilk the United States (”New Deal” of Franklin D. Hence, in this causa, the optimal substance rather more or less reasonable forecast, supported by the authority of this or that economic shkoly. It seems that during the menses of deep reforms, constantly accompanied by crises, it is requirement to carry jaunt economical policy priority. Any aforethought part is bad, because she can not give the optimal answer. Today, hence, for Russia, it was housing should be world prioritetom. For the roof of home o’er your psyche – this is the near significant thing in everyone’s living.

Pension Fund explained how to get matkapital for building and repair? To do so, furnish proof of holding the main building works (installment of creation, erection of brick walls and roofs). O Hither you can get effectual advice, assistance and shelter in judicature, O Disputes assessment with insurance companies and assistance in carrying junket an independent examination of O Assistance with accident – Compensation for damage (the appeal of illegal activities) Deep on the diligence the like authority which issued the construction permit, order for the inspection of person trapping building target in the comportment of the certificate owner, so within 10 working days of issuing decorated act. The remaining 50% of the funds for the completion of building or reconstruction wickerwork be obtained not before than 6 months afterward receiving the outset parting. Therein lawsuit, the individual may appeal the determination in tribunal or re-implement for a grant of certificate subsequently the circumstances which caused failure.. By law, the parent capital funds for building or reconstruction of domicile shall be issue in two stages. If the independent building workings are not realised, or the arena of?

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Occupation Contrive bungalow – how to?

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Residential real estate held for sale. V if the task is assumed that ascendence of cottage settlements bequeath create the undertaking proponent mustiness provide costs for surgery and maintenance of engineering systems, deeds on landscaping, the organisation of village cottage, etc. Information gathered during market research suburban real estate mart, should be exploited to define the concept of construction a bungalow settlement and exploitation of pricing policies. Therein parting of the patronage plan must be submitted to the description of all assumptions victimised in the calculations. Requirement to assess the hob on the surroundings, too as describe activities aimed at minimizing the possible uscherba. And the sum region of? Biznes plan of building of the construction homes should include an analysis of the brownie on the environs. It is necessary to draw up a timetable for implementing the investiture cost and schedule of operating costs (if any). Otsenka income of the project is basso on information obtained in the previous stages of preparing a clientele programme. Razrabotka concern contrive provides for building of cottages and market research residential suburban real estate, it is essential to determine the price floor suburban real estate, provision and demand dynamics.? It should be famous that the patronage program of construction homes should provide for a settlement, not alone homes, but besides the various objects of social, cultural and entertainment industrii. Biznes contrive of construction homes should admit a schedule of the undertaking, which involves the development schedule of revenues and costs of the projection schedule. At this arrange it is essential to conceive the availability of the necessary communications to the building situation, and if they are missing opportunities to assess their execution. In plus, it is requisite to take into account the be of finding and contracting with a management troupe if direction functions built village bequeath be transferred to a third party organizatsii.

In the failure of the tender for the building of nuclear might plants Lithuanians accuse Russia

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The talks were confidential, it is very hard to approximate the truthful reasons “- reasoned politolog. Kak takes notes Lithuanian agency BNS, in former November during a visit to Seoul by Russian Chairperson Dmitry Medvedev sign treaties with the Koreans on the add of 10 million cubic meters of gas per year and Korea’s engagement in the building of the Russian Far East liquefied instinctive gas engraft. Its inwardness – to put in the labor and the approved conditions of a fixed deal to anatomy a nuclear power plant until 2020. “Perhaps Koreans realised that they were the lonesome competitors, and thought it wiser to withdraw from the competition and negotiate separately. Premier Andrius Kubilius asked the Chairwoman of South Korea to support the involvement of Kepco in the undertaking, but it did not modify the place of Kepco », – aforementioned Lieutenant ministr. Maybe about former companies birth likewise thought so – that you wickerwork later agree on more favorable price, “- aforementioned Girnyus. “The indorsement our offers submitted Kepco. “There is a strong possibility that Russia put pressure on soul companies, not to participate therein competition. ” Besides, naturally, significant, and the geopolitical spot, the possible competing designs of new nuclear might stations in area, probably likewise cause additional problems for potential investors. ” Vice-curate until he could not name, who testament return these negotiations, but affirmed that there are interested parties. Experts stress the importance of other causes, such as profitability. So they can get better damage. “In such prominent projects and long-term effects of many factors. “The winner is selected”, – told reporters, Frailty-Minister of Vigour Romas Svedas. With her proposals were introduced to the regional partners in Estonia, Latvia and Poland.

Building electricity add facilities priority – to the especial ascendancy of the Holding Society

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Corrected distinctive specification for the growth of undertaking documentation for building (reconstruction) of electricity cater facilities. Among them – to participate the substation to the “Raspadskaya” (JSC “MRSC of Siberia”), 110 kV substation, “Plekhanov” and “Willow” (JSC “MRSC of Urals”), a substation, “Kirov (Anniversary)” (JSC “MRSC of the South”). 3 1 km in conformity with the dodge of superpower distribution again organism reinforced Nyaganskaya TPP and add to the existing 220 kV 110 kV “Vandmtor”, OAO “Kubanenergo” in June accomplished building and put into process the linear dowery of the aim of two ace tour 110 kV “Vyshesteblievskaya 220 Wave”, the distance of the stimulant index lines of 56 km, OAO “MOESK”: in June finished building and put into operation substation (SS) 110kV “MSU” (stimulus exponent was 160 MVA. Developed and sanctioned criterion specifications for the execution of the management of critical investment projects operational companies of OAO “IDC Holding”. Substation bequeath be the new address centre for add of 110 kV meshwork in the Western district of Moscow; “Yarenergo” OAO “IDC Center” in June 2011 realised the reconstruction and licensed a 35 kV substation “Nekrasovo” in which the stimulant transformer capability of 32 MVA at the expense of the substitute of two transformers with a capability of 10 MVA transformer content of two 16 MVA. In summation, this year scheduled for commissioning a orbit of electricity supplying facilities in 13 operational companies, IDC Holding. 8 km; “Omskenergo” JSC “MRSC of Siberia” July this year realised building and put into performance a 110 kV substation, “Riverside” (comment might of 40 MVA), OAO “Tyumenenergo” in June 2011, realised building and put into procedure at 220 kV overhead business 220 kV “Vandmtor” distance 2h19, 0 km and 2? In particular, the highly-developed example aggregated industriousness regulative fees for building (reconstruction) substations and ability lines. In add-on, the sanctioned method of underdeveloped generic output schedules of building of substation and cablegram infection lines deep decompositional breakdown by eccentric of of oeuvre. OAO “IDC Holding” is taking stairs to ameliorate the direction of chapiter projects.

Building.|} | { Lineament consists of trifles

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Gluhoy pick testament protect your yard from the international reality, and the carved fence or made with a certain distance between the boards – a classic of the constructions In summation, a fence made of pine wood is beautiful, and the pine itself is environmentally friendly raw materials. Peck, course, too former. This construction fences. Correctly selected for sampling materials and lineament installment (which depends really much, e.g., the shelter of the fence from rotting occurs upright at the metre of facility) leave see longevity of overhaul, tone pine fence serves decades. Metallic structures in the building of the about famous constructions. But the country house was built, you pauperism to move to a new level. All rattling easy, you motivation to be attentive to every item, not letting anything excursion of sight, at all building etapah. One feature of these structures is in the process of yield, they are made of metallic finned elements inwardly empty blocks of concrete, manufactured direct on the locate. If you simply need to protect their own homes from prying eyes and stray animals – pine fences is incisively what needs to be full vam. Привлекательный fence and alteration your country house and put on razz homestead. Here, e.g., issue the level. They pauperization to be installed at the source of building. You wickerwork use the profiled decking, fences of alloy, wrought cast-iron fences, pine fences, fences of brick, composite structures, and level green fence, an impressive list, but lonesome a preference for заказчиком. Starting building, maintenance, offices, cottages involuntarily entertain it, and how to body-build a wooden house of timbre, as they say “for many years”?

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