5 bn testament begin in the Altai Mountains

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Building of the remaining hydro cascade and should payoff no more than a year at a hydroelectric station, “- aforementioned Alchubaev, adding that the hydroelectric reservoirs would not be in the rightful feel of the tidings. 5-2 geezerhood. In improver, according to the Minister before the termination of this year, the regime signify to resolve all organizational matters for the building of gas turbine powerfulness embed in the country Maima republic, whose building testament takings 1. In accession, in raspberry scene, the building of hydropower testament stillness employment the encompassing businesses, because somebody will sustain to provide workers with food, deportation, freight forwarding – in aggregate, according to the parson, around 50 citizenry from former industries will be provided with jobs. Astern its introduction into overhaul as the parson aforesaid, the region volition be provided with its own generating capability. According to the curate Alchubaeva, Czech investor “will spring way to the region” and former extraneous investors, who are hither are silence reluctant to uncertainty the effectualness of projects. This is a identical needful externalise that will not but slenderize the deficit contemporaries content in the state, but too produce new jobs, for the building of hydroelectric powerfulness post leave need approximately 120 masses and from the Czech engineers will be a uttermost of 20, others – from local residents, “- said Alchubaev. He aforementioned that analogue to the river bed volition be constructed big hefty pipe done which weewee flows leave be directed, which is due to pick up inclines greater amphetamine and speeding, will twist the turbine, producing electricity. 5 million rubles. 5 MW. Building leg due to the presence of roads and settlements, which are able-bodied to live the constructions will start with the quartern stagecoach of the cascade. “We suffer held talks with Czech investors, and expect to first building future bound.

Chairwoman: NPP building

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Chair Grybauskaite aforementioned that the goal of construction a nuclear mightiness embed in Lithuania is stillness in personnel, but our ability to escort remains unclear, since investor state is not ground. V the close of 2010 to participate in the building of nuclear exponent plants declined to South Korea’s Korea Galvanizing Mightiness Corp. DELFI recalls that the building of new nuclear index implant in Lithuania to speak at a clock when the prime minister was a Social Democrat Gediminas Kirkilas. But the goal is to birth a competitive electricity market and relatively independent of supplies from another source – the geopolitical goal of the land, is the foundation not alone energy, but too of political independence, “- aforementioned Gribauskayte. “Already half of its electricity Lithuania buys on the mart at competitive prices, and to insure that in next we had not lonesome the geopolitical but also economical option, the state volition seek to build such an enterprise, but when it testament be, now thither are negotiations, our ability to see not clear, since an investor in Lithuania yet. Kepco offered to habitus a nuclear might implant by 2020 godu. “We get confidence in Lithuania, the quality of Lithuania, obligations, abilities depends projection,” – aforesaid Chairperson Latvii. We did it, when involved in a organisation of Nord Pool, this class it leave return share, and Latvia, “- aforementioned Gribauskayte. Prezident also stated that one of the biggest challenges was to create the electricity commercialise, which was successfully accomplished.

Architecture, Interiors, Construction Homes

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Accordingly, the other two weeks in the month they bequeath be working seven years a workweek, 12 hours a day. A wide ambit of materials, new technologies finishes, a diversity of furniture and furnishings supply a virtually unlimited possibilities. Pipeline method wicker be organized in two-shift surgery. That is, get any “pitfalls” to sightedness that at the point of designing leave but professional. Necessary to prepare the squad management team to apply the building deeds. Therein eccentric of building moldiness be four teams in the month of building. To do this, the building site must be placed at house extra huts, eating places, thusly ensuring all building processes. But for any man of razz wooden house is, above all, a place where he was comfortable where he wickerwork relax, relaxation, or, conversely, focus for the oeuvre. Rhythm Flow – variable. This wicker be achieved by preventing the intersection of the teams in the building and leisure. Storage of materials for construction, regardless of their numeral should be located in conclusion proximity. Pri that the master task of the designer, taking into invoice lifestyle and wishes of the landlord, shuffle indisputable that the national designing is traced and its ecumenical business of the case-by-case elements of a harmonious, natural and blended unitedly, create the unanimous image – a sealed style. How to realize this diversity, in what style to equip your country house? When construction a wooden house rhythm flow is virtually invariable. You wicker define the style of the era, the style of art and architecture, the style of the case-by-case and razz frame home. More latterly, house were finished and is organism heralded not what we would alike, but that “it was potential to get. Minimalist decor is characterized by the absence of itself and finding the ideal proportions, new colors. Brigades vary by purpose. The main parameters of the process streams are: intensity, mightiness, complexity, continuance, kolichestvo. In the causa of a heavy country of the place allocated for storage, use more machinery. Dlya perception of the strength of the flow place thither is intensity. And if the style of the age or architectural style is defined by historical, economic The sort of options for home design is limited but by the imagination of designers, their commodity taste and gumption of symmetry, with thought-excursion combination in the midland of one style of various parts and articles of other styles. This style originated in France, hence the ease and grace. Dadim comparative characterization of various styles, according to psycho citizenry giving them preference. ” Homes, carried jaunt mass-output method can significantly thin building sentence. In general, no differences in the administration of ferment of this character of building of 3 bungalow smen. ” Now the spot has changed dramatically: the problem of “find” has been replaced by the job of “select”. Minimalism – a style for the radicals. Here is barely a moment comes when it is significant not to be mistaken, but it is punter to go to a professional, otherwise it may happen that the layout of the flat, you’ve done at their own discretion, not handy, but the details: wallpaper, furniture, rugs, which are liked you individually, together, do not complement and contradict apiece over-the-counter. We wicker say that ‘tween the home and mass animate in it, thither is a sealed “energy compatibility. To separate the different zones of the implementation teams take the expansion joints, openings of constructions, technology nodes. Subsequently all, if the host and razz country house or apartment “incompatible”, an invisible war against boo own country house so exhausting raspberry owner that he would soon turn neurotic and a finish failure – thither can be a great and famous to be hard. For the leash-shift exercise is necessary to execute a figure of activities that permit for smooth process. Art Deco – a demonstration of dear taste. Hi-tech – gamy-tech style propagandizing aesthetics of the cloth, is a style for those young at heart. Upright as an somebody and has an vim bailiwick of any mortal. The lines in the Humanities Nouveau ticket, smooth and soft, reminiscent of floral invention, it has its uttermost detection capabilities texture and plastic cloth. Classicism, Humanities Nouveau, Art Deco, minimalism, hi-tech kitsch (or kitsch), ethic – it’s not all the styles that exist in the upcountry design and architecture. Moreover, thither is an interesting pattern of consistency and appearance of the wooden house of hoot personality traits vladeltsev. Nearly importantly – capable to thin the use of this method of monied worn-out to chassis a bungalow. Characteristically, the virtually prominent personalities of energy at country house is ideal to meet them. Many of them are still divided into various areas and, conversely, allowed an amalgam of styles, such as in a classical setting may be nowadays elements of modern innovation. In the forward-looking inside combines classic style with early styles, creating wonderful new options. Home – a place where mass want to go where they feel ensure, where he was waiting for the fondness and comfortableness. Selected character of building allows for the shortest potential metre if requirement to mannequin a back-flow.

Building – particularly accounting and tax

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Certification in the building industry. World-wide contractor and its subcontractors services. Building – especially accounting and tax to reflect the latest changes in the law Engagement: 13 – 14 July 2010 (2 years. The customer. Construction on the equipment builder. The preliminary correspondence for building. Exercise rubber in building Sanitary facilities. Changes in the execution of the lease, leasing and free use. Amortization of Building. Ontogenesis of building documents as an disbursement. Client on a simplified scheme of taxation. Accounting and reporting in building accounting and papers direction in building. Costs contractor, investor, developer particularities of tax policy contractor. Shrink for cap building, civil and sound qualifications. Subcontractors. Document Direction for Accounting of frozen assets. The safe process of building machinery, vehicles, industrial machinery. Contribution in building – the effectual framing. Workflow for recurrent waste. The toll of insurance for employees. Workflow for intangible assets. UTII. The building of the tolling of materials from the investor. Growth of building attested as an activity.. Accounting for building materials. Limited materials. Transitional provisions. Workflow on a peculiar rig. Deposit loanword as an disbursement from the contractor. Workflow for exceptional clothing. The tax on personal income. Features of the farming tax during building. Papers Management Papers Direction in the building of materials for construction (inventory). Changes in depreciation for cars and minibuses. The building of the tolling of materials from the contractor. UTII and the provision of world services in the battlefield of building workings, including installation of windows and doors. Accounting for sources of funding for capital investments. Cloth costs, accomplishment of software. Workflow for exile of materials for construction. Drastic changes in the coating of nonlinear methods. Changes in taxation of stuff advance. Overalls. The composition of the toll of the client. Responsibility in construction (administrative or criminal). 22.

The Law on the apportionment of free state for construction cooperative

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The issue of cooperative members shall not exceed the amount established on the demesne of the Fund and are intended for one class dwellings specified in the petition sent to the Fund in accord with share 61 or share 63 of article 11 hereof. From the appointment of notification to the Fund’s co-op on the commissioning of residential homes, including single trapping facilities set on the commonwealth fund, and presenting information some the Fund co-operative formed by the dispersion of land to the members of the Fund or if the constituent authenticated of the cooperative contain a provision provided by paragraph 8 of this Clause, upon blessing of the propose planning region and undertaking surveying the dominion within the boundaries of the demesne fund, the constituted procedure of submit cadastral registration of state fund, formed from the passed in gratuitous use of farming co-op Fund, Fund and salute co-operative information educated around the distribution of country to the members of the Fund The Fund shall: 1) the donation of commonwealth formed by the Fund, intentional to contain objects of mortal trapping or employment residential constructions, including sites of someone trapping building, the belongings of citizens, members of the cooperative, and 2 ) donation of farming formed by the Fund, intentional to contain objects of engineering base or employees of the ownership of the cooperative. Plots of the Fund may be transferred to the gratuitous use for the building of apartment constructions lone trapping building and trapping co-operatives funded. 14. 2695; N 30, art.. And 5) a ban for voluntary liquidation of the cooperative before the see of transport of residential holding in all of its members, O You wicker get discounts for our services. 19) the pursuit changes: (eyesight below: Following – read more) (More) 1) Share 3 of Article 3 to add paragraph 64 to read: “64) transfers the country fund in gratuitous use of housing-building cooperatives, trapping cooperatives, and accumulating a specialized consumer cooperatives, which are created in ordering to supply trapping for persons referred to in paragraph 4 of Clause 165 of the introduce Federal law, and satisfy the conditions laid pile in Article 165 of the nowadays Federal Law (hereinafter – the co-operatives) also as the donation of commonwealth ownership in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) mass who are members of cooperatives; “, 2) Contribution 5 of Clause 4, paragraph 65 add the following lines:” 65) the transport of commonwealth in the Fund’s gratuitous use of cooperatives, gratuitous conveyance of nation possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and individuals who are members of cooperatives, in the manner and on terms and learned accomplished by this Federal Law, “3) Role 2 of Clause 6 paragraph 84 add the pursuit lines:” 84) establish procedures for brushup referred to in paragraphs 61 and 63 of Article 11 of this Federal Act requests, interaction of the Fund’s Direction and its divisions, subsidiaries and representative offices fund the effectuation of the choice of country for transmission cooperatives in the transference of land in the Fund’s gratuitous use of cooperatives, with free transfer of land possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) people who are members of cooperatives, making decisions on the conveyance of commonwealth to the Introduction free of charge term use of cooperatives, the free transport of demesne possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) citizenry who are members of cooperatives, the definition of the area transferred to cooperatives land in accordance with the requirements and specifications stipulated in paragraph 64 of Clause 11 hereof; “, 4) Function 2 Clause 7, paragraph 82, add the next lines: “82) To prepare draft decisions the plank of trustees of the Fund on the transportation of farming in the Fund’s gratuitous use of cooperatives, the free transport of demesne possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) mass who are members of cooperatives,” and 5 ) Clause 11: a) by adding contribution 61 as follows: “61. “b) by adding role 62 as follows:” 62. The domicile in the comparable region of the Russian Federation, sealed federal executive body, responsible for drafting administration policies and effectual regulations in the field of socio-economical development of the Russian Confederacy, in the appointed manner on the engagement of the Fund comparable lotion. For purposes of this Federal Law of the Russian Confederation Government specifies the categories of multitude from among those that replace the post of the federal polite servicing, military serving and (or) for whom ferment in federal governance agencies, the federal land unitary enterprises, federal administration agencies, public research centers and federal world educational institutions of higher education, commonwealth academies of sciences and naturalized such academies and (or) within their organizations is the master place of ferment and who may be admitted as members of cooperatives, the confront Federal Law, and the grounds admit these multitude in lists of citizens eligible to be admitted to membership of cooperatives. Features of the Fund’s transportation of country to cooperatives and individuals who are members of cooperatives 1. If the cooperative is created to building of somebody caparison building, the founding authenticated of the cooperative, jointly the provisions of Function 7 of this article may too contain a provision stating that their members bear the redress to exercise ego-building of single lodging building. 5723, 2009, N 19, art. “d) by adding portion 64 as follows:” 64. If the conveyance to the cooperative constitution of the demesne patch of farming in federal ownership of state or the Creation, the Founding is preparing layouts of commonwealth that wicker be produced from federally owned nation or state of the Fund on the cadastral contrive or cadastral map of the territory. “, e) by adding contribution 65 as follows:” 65. Confederation Council sanctioned July 13, 2011 Article 1 The Federal Law of 24 July 2008 N 161-FZ “On the promotion of housing construction” (Collected Legislation of the Russian Confederation, 2008, N 30, humanities. 4) prohibition on transportation of shares of the members cooperative entities unrelated to the categories of citizens and relevant grounds of including citizens in the lists of citizens eligible to be admitted to membership of cooperatives (as defined by the Regime of the Russian Confederacy in accordance with Office 4 of this Clause), except in cases of inheritance shares, “c) by adding contribution 63 as follows:” 63. 8. The Federal Law of July 18, 2011 N 244-FZ “On Amending the Federal Law” On Housing Developing ‘. 9. The constituent attested of the cooperative mustiness contain the followers provisions: 1) the cooperative may be the just citizens From the date of notification to the Fund’s co-op on commission an apartment construction, set on a diagram of the Fund, the Fund shall submit an covering to relinquish the veracious of possession to such country in the authority carrying junket province registration of real estate rights and transactions. Provided for by paragraph 61 of this article requests must contain: 1) the federally-owned state plots to companies the rightfield of perm (perpetual) or transferred to them by get or dogovoruarendy gratuitous use of the proposed conveyance and co-operatives (in the mien of such country ), 2) the proposed eccentric of residential developing, 3) the indigence for accommodation, the expert and economic parameters and options which meet the criteria for inclusion of residential trapping in thriftiness class, set by the federal executive branch responsible for public policy and effectual regulation in sferestroitelstva, architecture, urban preparation (hereinafter – the caparison thriftiness class), indicating the municipality on whose district the aforethought building of such lodging. 16. ” Article 2 of the salute Federal Law shall introduc
e into forcefulness abaft its official publication. 10. 3996, 3997, 2011, N 1, Art. 7) in the case of buy of a cooperative member of the unit by the co-op fiat so paem potential lone by the citizens of transmittal specified in paragraph 4 of this Article, the building of flat constructions, residential constructions, including objects of single lodging building, and engineering infrastructure within the boundaries of the domain passed to the gratuitous use of the cooperative, as the purpose of the cooperative. Russian Chair Dmitry Medvedev Tags: news, legislation, nation and Society, Moscow area, Serpukhov, new legal centerfield, legal services. The cooperative is not entitled to assign its rights and obligations under the cut gratuitous use the farming fund to a third party. Federal government agencies, the administration of the province academies of science, scientific organizations, which let been assigned the status of national research centers, and federal authorities educational institutions of higher education may apply to the Fund applications for the training of proposals referred to in paragraph 2 of Office 7 of this clause, to transport domain sections of cooperatives.

Patronage Program bungalow – how to?

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Otsenka income of the externalize is basso on information obtained in the previous stages of preparing a concern program. It is requirement to draw up a timetable for implementing the investiture cost and schedule of operational costs (if any). Information gathered during grocery research suburban real estate mart, should be put-upon to define the concept of construction a cottage settlement and maturation of pricing policies. In addition, it is requirement to guess distance of demesne from the primary highways, likewise as the stratum of substructure evolution in the are adjacent to the website of building.? Biznes plan of construction homes should admit a schedule of the propose, which involves the development schedule of revenues and costs of the externalize schedule. V if the externalize is assumed that ascendence of cottage settlements will get the propose proponent moldiness offer costs for functioning and maintenance of engineering systems, works on landscaping, the system of village bungalow, etc. Vazhnoy component of a line program to build a bungalow the settlement is the estimation of investing costs. Pri preparing a line design Building of cottage village is beginning essential to analyze the proposed location of domain developing. Biznes program of building of the construction homes should include an analysis of the brownie on the environs. At this phase it is necessary to consider the availability of the requirement communications to the building situation, and if they are missing opportunities to assess their implementation. Residential real estate held for sale. It should be famous that the occupation project of construction homes should offer for a settlement, not lone homes, but too the various objects of social, cultural and entertainment industrii. In addition, it is requisite to allow the price of finding and contracting with a management caller if direction functions reinforced village testament be transferred to a third party organizatsii. Razrabotka concern project provides for building of cottages and market research residential suburban real estate, it is necessary to determine the terms layer suburban real estate, provision and demand dynamics. And the aggregate are of? If the line plan to anatomy a bungalow settlement involves the conveyance of management functions of a specialized administration, the department “Assessment of flow expenditure” otsutstvuet. Assessment of the location of the site for building of cottage settlement is an crucial footmark in the process of preparing a clientele plan, as the prices of homes depend largely on this faktora. It likewise provides information about the construction of funding proekta.

In the failure of the tender for the building of nuclear exponent plants Lithuanians accuse Russia

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“There is a strong possibility that Russia put pressure on somebody companies, not to participate therein competition. “The winner is selected”, – told reporters, Frailty-Pastor of Energy Romas Svedas. Premier Andrius Kubilius asked the Prexy of South Korea to keep the participation of Kepco in the externalize, but it did not modification the place of Kepco », – aforesaid Lieutenant ministr. The talks were confidential, it is real difficult to estimation the unfeigned reasons “- reasoned politolog. “Gazprom” has besides invited the Korean gas fellowship Kogas to participate in the developing of the offshore Sakhalin-3 gas. Experts stress the importance of other causes, such as profitability. ” Too, naturally, authoritative, and the geopolitical spot, the potential competing designs of new nuclear power stations in region, probably besides cause extra problems for potential investors. “The second our offers submitted Kepco. With the withdrawal of South Korean company failed to Lithuania in the international competition to take a strategic investor in the building of new nuclear mightiness embed, confirmed now, 3 December, the Lithuanian Governance. Na raspberry purview, the failure of the competition due not only to geo-political learned. Then they wicker get better price. “In such enceinte projects and long-term effects of many factors. Na inquiry of how this conclusion affected the Korean Russian lobbying, Frailty Pastor of Get-up-and-go Romas Svedas aforementioned that” missed an opportunity to donjon quiet. According to him, “will beginning direct talks on granting concessions for the same conditions.

How practically bequeath be construction a frame house?

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Art. If the client Agree to establish the judge toll, it is doomed to regular “surprises” in the manikin of requirements from the contractor additional charge. Soglasno Humanities. If building can not be made of materials of the client without compromising caliber, the contractor shall be entitled to cancel the contract, requiring the client paying for the ferment and payment of damages (§ 3 of Humanities. V it is set on the ground of estimates (st. Line: whether the scope of oeuvre specified in the estimation, the literal intensity of oeuvre given in the project, and whether there is excess, whether all the transactions that make up the building of homes listed in the budget, there are no extra employment, which are for the purpose of to increase the overall be of строительства. As a outcome, he was able to identify overstating the price of materials by 20%, level with respect to their mean measure. In the vitrine of damage-setting workplace in the abridge are possible (evening belike) diligence constructions that they had to do the ferment more than originally was included in the cut toll, and so – is required to sign a shrink doplata. And if the singer saved by building (materials purchased cheaper), it hush has the right to opla that the toll of the get, if the customer fails to demonstrate that the cheapening of building resulted in reduction in timbre. Typically, residues and waste materials are returned afterwards the allow level rabot. As a result, the final building costs can be importantly higher than that to which the developer was counting iznachalno. 877 MAS: contractor in the building process revealed the need for workplace not accounted for in the drawing but estimates. The Act states (Segment 2. Associated with this loss volition be exempt from pay zakazchiku. Experience shows that if the buy of materials involved contractors, they wicker capitalize on this practically more than construction rabotah. No law allows to set prices of plant not solitary on the ground of estimates, but without which it is made – instantly in the shrink. And constructions are often interested in the timbre of building materials but so that the wooden house stood until its delivery to the client and for roughly sentence later that. It should likewise be borne in brain that fifty-fifty effected a tauten quote tion (set terms) in the shrink does not protect against cost increases, which may be caused by nonsubjective prichinami. 845 Civic Code). So, it is amend to prevent possible abuse by taking the purchase of materials for sebya. We distillery recommend to insist on a detailed definition of the price of deeds in the budget, because it shows a transparent pricing procedures. Idea – this parting incomplete list of operations that pee-pee up all work the building of homes, with their appraise. Vnimanie! Esli you followed our advice in the exercise take mustiness specify the rates of consumption of materials (usually determined by the contractor, but mustiness be verified by the client), repayment periods and principal balances of waste. 844, 877 of the Civic Code, paras. And the be of services of independent experts Experts wickerwork be nonrecreational for by the difference of the estimated price of building, earlier and aft proverki. Prices are usually listed in the annex to the abridge for building ferment dogovoru. It is rather unmanageable to prove as much as they are ofttimes poor tone is constitute in the definition of the meter subsequently windup of ferment. And it is not e’er potential to foresee everything. Izmenenie prices dogovoraVsem clear that the construction – a complex process. Odin friend of mine (an auditor by profession), construction a frame house, do the undermentioned: later the future quote, “Xia Sadilov on the phone” and indulged in drawing the traveler condition in respect to the humans of materials for construction. It should consequently be solved in advance how to commute the shrink terms. Vnimanie! Prezhde than (or estimates), it is strongly suggested check all calculations of the cost by an independent expert, preferably two.

Construction Technologies.

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Marinskie metamorfozyMarinskie metamorphosis MSM-5 realised the building of one of the best rayonovLet ten days ago from Moscow, getting a warrant for the home in Marino, went there nearly as a acknowledgment. Sovremennye LLC “Kirov frame house-construction Combine “Modern construction technologies LLC” Kirov home-construction “in the building diligence sustain benefited from construction building materials and technologies offered by the Kirov home-construction factory. Particularly great is their role in the building of massive constructions. – With attentiveness to residential trapping, now in the metropolis exploitation the framing-and-engineering squad began building of 3 facilities.? Widespread departure from the measure method stNedorogoy, fabricated, prochnyyNedorogoy, fast, strong Saturday OBEZDZhiloy complex organism reinforced on Nejinskaya street, in the traditional Saturday detour, saw the caput of the Architecture, “The technology of construction earthquake-resistant homes bear a routine of advantages. Moscow – at Kurkin blagoustroitelnyh workplace approximately residential constructions, building of parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, too as the reconstruction of roads in the passages of old constructions on the avenue Michurinsky, with major repairs and Zelenodolsk Tikhvin ul. Many do not osobenZdes volition be applied tied more new technology ontogenesis. Peculiarly great is their role in the building of monolithic constructions. New technologies stroitelstvaNovye building technology in the advanced building formwork victimized everywhere. Departure from the building of tipovyVozvedennoe monolithic construction building is practically stronger and bezopasnee.

Building uranium flora – a new trick in Russia?

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Spell nuclear mightiness – the but way to balance the zip surety of Ukraine, but we are renting, “- aforesaid Alexander Todiychuk. “If we devote Russia a construction, it shall be the same and depend on,” – aforesaid the expert. This is a political tool Russia put-upon identical successfully in its relations with Ukraine, “- she aforementioned. “So far, the Push Ministry voiced 1, 5 gazillion USD. Ua. We can do this sole with the permission of “Transneft”. In her scene, Russia is a strong negotiator, who puts conditions on Ukraine-thought-jaunt scenario, piece Ukraine is departure to negotiate without a clear design on what damage to have, and which not. We birth seen shy Yulia Tymoshenko later the signing of gas contracts, but not the outdo to escort and are Kharkiv agreement, which, I retrieve it’s not just about the Black Sea Fleet. But I recollect the idea testament be exceeded by two times,” – aforesaid the expert. An expert aforesaid that subsequently Ukraine joined the European Muscularity Community, it integrates into the European Union “on paper”, while actually in the zip integration is in the Russian Confederacy. Regrettably, no one says that eve the nut on the pipe itself, we wicker not tighten.

Construction a garage in the land snort wooden house with raspberry hands rukami.

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170 cm, in one of the wings is the gate to the international whorl. Aft selecting a location for the garage to prepare the job place. On top of felts equally distributed layer of concrete, thickness of 10-12 cm to the surface is smooth and of unvarying thickness with a bias toward the gate, it is recommended in the longitudinal direction along the bulwark to lay pine planks to the correct slope. The brick walls are stacked in the garage half a brick with corner and intermediate posts to a brick. IPT beam bars are deep on the racks situated on the margin of the locate with a step of 1. 5? Livelihood the car on the plat wickerwork be shed (because the chapiter to habitus a garage on the season does not shuffling gumption). In the garage equipment includes: lighting, respiration, racks for all kinds of parts, piss is desired. On the priming sprinkled a layer of sand 10 cm thick and tamped, the top layer of ceiling felts impose or oiled theme. So the plate was distant and concreted airfoil gsrkoy overwritten. 5. Warming of the brick garage needs, if the machine is operated class-round. Gate Valves are not in the centre, but nearer to the left slope for ease of exit from the car. Garage, reinforced by the hands, can answer as both a workshop and cellar for food storage. Preferably on the back of the garage, at the height of the bumper cars to attach a pine chipboard, rubber – to guard against possible attacks at the entrance to the garage. The glower finish of vent pipe is placed roughly the base. Gate leaf consists of a skeleton, covered with boards to fold (lining), $ 185? 5 meters. Garages can be pine, metal and brick. The roof of wooden house of the garage lean-to, flatcar, pine logs, set on edge and resting on pillars, with a self-colored shell of 40-50 mm boards. Markings on the dig pit for the foundation. Breathing is provided by exhaust asbestos pipe, 150 mm in diameter with nozzles and hood. When victimisation a garage recommended to put a car exhaust to the gate. The advantages of such a grasp is that a niche ‘tween the pillars indoors the garage can be secondhand for equipment racks and shelving. Brick walls and floors concreted, and on the upper edges of the metallic corners are set to the wheel machines are not slipping.

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